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Music for Canvas, a short film by Bobby Farquhar - for violin and percussion. For screening at the 2007 L.A. film festival and le Festival de Cannes 2007.

The Transformation of K'un-P'eng – for 2 percussion. Commissioned by Ben Willson (2006).

Mal’achim Adonai – for 2 percussion and 10 strings. Calgary: Sikesdi Press (2005).

Leonardo: the Italian Faust – a grand opera in three acts. Vienna: Vienna Masterworks. Ph.D submission. ANU (2004) Winner of the 2004 Nancy Van de Vate International Composition Prize for Opera.

Kesdjan – for solo carillon. Commissioned by Susanne Magassy for the wedding celebrations of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark to Mary Donaldson. Premiered and recorded in Copenhagen (2004).

Garden of the Sufi – for solo piano. Premiered at the Australian Musicology Society 2002 annual conference in Newcastle. Subsequently recorded by Kate Bowan. Calgary: Sikesdi Press (2005).

The Dreadful Air – a trio for violin, cello and piano. Premiered at the Australian National Gallery for the 2001 National Women's Music Festival and recorded for ABC broadcast.

Deccan Shiva – for clarinet, tuba, 3 percussion, violin and cello. Premiered at the ANU Arts centre, Canberra, 2000.

Homage to H. P. Lovecraft – for electric guitar, percussion, narrator and cello. Premiered at the 2000 launch of the Australian Society for the Contemporary Arts in the Beaver Galleries, Canberra.

The Nameless Dead – a chamber opera in 11 movements. Premiered at the 1999 Festival of Contemporary Art, Canberra, Australia by STOPERA.

Seven Yellow Butterflies – duet for cello and percussion. Premiered and broadcast live for the ABC by David Pereira and Bree Van Ryke in Llewellyn Hall, Canberra, 1999.

Stabat Mater – a cantata for orchestra and two mezzo-sporanos. Premiered in Llewellyn Hall, Canberra, 1999.

Introit – for solo choir. Written for Garth Mansfield and Wesley uniting church, 1998.

The Ghost Sonata – a grand opera in three acts. Premiered at the ANU Arts Centre and recorded for ABC broadcast, 1997.

A Whale descends in the Mandrake Gardens –ˆDAT tape. Recorded at the Australian Centre for Arts and Technology for the Australian Broadcasting Commission. ABC archive. 1997.

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